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How-To Guide on Selecting the Internet Package That is Right For You


Up To 5 M Download
512 K Upload

-Light Surfing (Facebook, Twitter, 
-Checking E-mail
-Instant Messaging

$39.95/month        500 GB Threshold


Up To 15 M Download
1 M Upload

-Moderate Browsing
-PC/Mobile Device Audio & Video
  streaming in Standard Definition
  (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc.)
-Online Schooling

$49.95/month        600GB Threshold


Up To 25 M Download
2.5 M Upload

-Heavy Browsing
-Video streaming on 3 devices or
  less in High Definition
  (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc.)

$59.95/month        700GB Threshold


Up To 50 M Download
5 M Upload

-Video streaming on 3 -5 devices
  in High Definition
  (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc.)
-Online Gaming (consoles)
-File Sharing

$69.95/month        800 GB Threshold


Up To 75 M Download
7.5 M Upload

-Video streaming on 3 or more 
  devices in Ultra High Definition
  (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc.)
-Online Gaming (PC)
-File Server

$79.95/month        1000GB Threshold

Usage Guidelines

*We recommend our Turbo and Ultra packages for online gaming 

as they have higher upload speeds.

Usage allowances exceeded during a month for customers that have not bundled with cable or phone services or customers who have not purchased an unlimited data plan, will be billed at 20¢ per gigabyte over their package's usage allowance.

Add unlimited Data to any package for only $25 per month!